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My blog, Off-Grid Women's Ink, is a space to showcase the writing of those of us who currently live off-grid as well as those who have done in the past.  Off-grid writers, whether you live in a bus, caravan or homemade home are massively under-represented in the mainstream. Perhaps together we can change this and have fun in the process. You will find a link on the blog page to subscribe and please send me work that you would like to see published here as well as a photo of your off-grid living space for me to share alongside your work.

A bit about my journey, both as a writer and as an off-grid woman.

It had always been my ambition to be a writer. As they say though, destiny is what happens despite the plans we make. As an out-dyke I found myself joining frontline services delivering emotional and practical support to men, women and kids with A.I.D.S during the epidemic of the 1980s.

After that, a little burnt out, I left London with a group of 5 women and girls to live in an old scout truck kitted out as a mobile home. It was on the road, that I finally reconnected with writing and once I had found a community to settle in. then with help from my friends and dyke family I gained my MA in Creative Writing from the University of Wales.


Since then I have been attending several writing groups a week and working my way into writing professionally. I’ve been published in many well-respected anthologies and literary magazines and I’m currently looking for a publisher for my debut collection of poems Slowly as Clouds.

I have in my bag a crammed house.